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Why a bed without high edges might be better for your pet

When selecting the ideal bed for your furry friend, one important consideration is whether to choose a bed with or without high edges. While bolstered beds with elevated edges have their benefits, beds without high edges offer their own set of advantages that might be better suited for your pet’s needs. Here’s why a bed without high edges could be the perfect choice for your pet.


1. Freedom of Movement

Pets, especially those with more active sleeping habits, benefit greatly from a bed without high edges. These beds provide unrestricted space, allowing your pet to stretch out, roll over, and change positions freely. This freedom of movement is essential for pets that don’t like feeling confined and enjoy having ample space to move around during their rest.

2. Easy Accessibility

Beds without high edges are easier for pets to get in and out of, which is particularly beneficial for puppies, senior pets, or those with mobility issues. High edges can pose a challenge for older dogs or cats with arthritis or joint problems, making it difficult for them to climb into or out of the bed. A flat, open design ensures that all pets can access their bed comfortably and without strain.

3. Versatility and Customization

One of the significant advantages of a bed without high edges is its versatility. At RollnRest, we offer the option to add an edge or pillow if needed. This means you can customize the bed according to your pet’s preferences. If your pet occasionally enjoys leaning against something or needs extra neck support, you can easily add a bolster or pillow. When they prefer an open space, you can remove the edges, providing the best of both worlds.


a dog lying on a dog bed


4. Simpler Cleaning and Maintenance

Beds without high edges are generally easier to clean and maintain. Without the bolsters, there are fewer nooks and crannies for dirt, fur, and debris to accumulate. This design simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring that your pet’s bed stays hygienic and fresh with minimal effort. The flat surface is straightforward to vacuum or wipe down, making regular upkeep a breeze.

5. Cooling Effect

An open bed design can help keep your pet cool, especially during warmer months. High edges can sometimes trap heat, making the bed warmer than desired. Without the barriers of bolsters, air can circulate more freely around your pet, helping them stay cool and comfortable. This can be particularly beneficial for breeds prone to overheating or those living in hot climates.

6. Space-Saving Design

For pet owners with limited space, a bed without high edges can be a more practical choice. These beds take up less room and can fit more easily into smaller areas, making them ideal for apartments or homes with limited floor space. The streamlined design ensures your pet still has a comfortable place to rest without overwhelming your living area.

7. Modern Aesthetic

Flat, edge-free beds often have a sleek and modern aesthetic that can blend seamlessly with contemporary home decor. If you prefer a minimalist look, a bed without high edges can complement your home’s style while still providing a cozy spot for your pet.



While beds with high edges have their place, opting for a bed without edges offers numerous benefits that might better suit your pet’s needs. From providing unrestricted movement and easy accessibility to simpler cleaning and a cooling effect, edge-free beds cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements.


At RollnRest, we understand that every pet is unique, which is why we offer the flexibility to customize your pet’s bed. You can easily add an edge or pillow if desired, ensuring your pet gets the perfect combination of comfort and support. Whether your pet loves to sprawl out or occasionally leans against a bolster, our adaptable design meets all their needs. Choose RollnRest for a versatile, easy-to-maintain, and comfortable sleeping solution that keeps your pet happy and healthy.