Travel Bag

19.00 - 29.00

A high-quality travel bag is designed for easy packing, carrying, and storing of any Rollnrest bed. It is the perfect solution for those who prefer simplicity and cleanliness.

Experience the convenience of our innovative 3-point zipper for easy handling.

Our travel bag is designed to simplify the packing, carrying, and storing of your RollnRest bed. The bag is ideal for those who value simplicity and organization.
It features effortless handling with our smart 3-point zipper, making it a great choice for those on the go or in need of a neat place to store their bed.

Additionally, for easy maintenance, the bag can be safely machine-washed at 30 degrees. Furthermore, it is waterproof, providing added protection for your RollnRest bed during travel

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1. Roll the bed from the shorter side opposite the zipper. Open the zipper slightly to release air as you roll toward the zipper.
2. Once rolled, secure it with two Velcro straps that you attach to the lines at the bottom of the bed.
3. You can store the rolled-up bed in the travel bag for easy transport or storage.

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