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About RollnRest

As founders of Petspemf, a company that pioneered affordable PEMF products for pets, we are constantly finding new ways to make our pets lives as carefree and healthy as possible.

Founded with a passion for pet well-being, RollnRest is more than a dog bed brand—it’s a community for pet lovers. Born out of our own experiences as dedicated pet parents, we recognized the need for quality products that don’t compromise our dog’s wellbeing or make maintenance a hassle.

What makes us different?

We envisioned creating beds that cater to each pet’s unique needs. Dogs spend over half of their lives sleeping or resting – which is why we’ve researched the best materials on the market, from orthopedic to cooling — so that every dog, regardless of size or preference, can have their own perfect sleeping space.

“Pets can’t tell us how they feel, which is why it is our job to ensure they have the best quality of life possible. The love for pets goes beyond walks and cuddles.

A really well-made dog bed is crucial to how they will essentially age, especially as orthopedic problems in dogs can worsen with it. Dogs can sleep or rest over 50% of the day. Let’s take care of our pups the same way we would appreciate someone else do it for us.”

– Marko Kadunc, CEO of RollnRest

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